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Shrub: Noun 1- A drink made of sweetened fruit juice and liquor, typically rum or brandy. 2- A slightly acid cordial made from fruit juice and water. ORIGIN early 18th cent.: from Arabic šurb, šarāb, from šariba ‘to drink’ ; compare with sherbet and syrup. Now that we have the definition out of the way, I will explain. Lemons and other citrus fruits were not commonly available in the late 1800’s and early … Continue reading »

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Jenn’s Potato Salad

    I’ve been making this potato salad for years. Yes it has blue cheese and bacon in it (very 80’s) but every time I’ve made it, the bowl has come back clean. Anyone in the industry will tell you that is the best indicator of a great recipe , and a wonderful compliment to the … Continue reading »

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Summer Watermelon Salad

How many watermelon do you buy every summer and how much of them do you throw out? Well, here is a great way to use up that watermelon no one is eatting. This recipe is from Nigella Lawson’s “Forever Summer” cookbook. Jen makes this every summer. It’s one of our favourites. Nigella’s Watermelon salad: 1 small red … Continue reading »

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Peaches, a true taste of Summer

At long last the peaches have arrived in our markets. I love peaches in any form but, I have been suffering from been there and done that for many of my recipes lately. Its time for something different. Chutney to me is jam with attitude. Sweet, salty , spicy and vinegar laced; chutney will hold … Continue reading »

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The Best Jalapeno Cornbread,I promise.

How can you have Chili without cornbread? Um, you can’t. Jen and I found this recipe and played around with it. Added buttermilk, fresh jalapenos and less sugar. The fruity taste of the jalapeno really comes through. Not at all spicey, just fresh and fruity. Have this cornbread with my Authentic Mexican Chili and you … Continue reading »

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Cold Soups Don’t Sell??

  I wanted to put a cold soup on our summer menu one year. But, the Chef at the time told me, “Cold Soups DON’T Sell”. After much pressure from me, he let me to put it on the summer menu. We sold 20 litres a week of this soup. To bad it didn’t sell. … Continue reading »

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Authentic Mexican Chili

One of the many things I brought along with me into my marriage was my love of a good Chili. It was also my pleasure to introduce Chef to this dish, as he had only the stuff in a can made with ground beef and chili powder to compare it to. Up until that point, he … Continue reading »

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