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Spring Tease


  This is one of the true wild edibles in Canada. Found in New Brunswick, Quebec and in Ontario. Eat a fern? Yes! So, what is a Fiddlehead? Fiddleheads are the tender coiled heads of young ostrich ferns (Matteuccia Struthiopteris) The taste is very similar to asparagus. They have a very short season, just a … Continue reading »

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The Return of the Jelly Salad

    To my scarred childhood culinary memories, they were always neon green. Filled with assorted veg or fruit, trapped fast like prehistoric insects in amber and wobbling menacingly. Always a staple of a pick-nick dinner, a recipe from this homemakers magazine or that.  And we, the taste testing guinea pigs. The salad, left out … Continue reading »

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Mole Rojo

When it’s this cold and grey out side and the sun is playing coy, I can’t help but think of warmer climates and how much I would love to be anywhere but here. Every Canadian finds themselves in exactly the same position; dreaming of spring break and a warm destination. My holiday is not for … Continue reading »

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Ginger Cake

For those of you who have teen aged, male, stomachs on legs you understand my dilemma: The constant ransacking of cupboards and pantries, the inconceivable statements of “I’m still hungry” one hour after a full meal. The markets are full of snack items that supposedly are just for this purpose, to fill the tummy’s of hungry offspring. … Continue reading »

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