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Chefs No Cream, Cream of Mushroom Soup

So you love cream of mushroom soup but can’t take all that cream anymore. This soup is your answer. Even our son, who doesn’t like mushrooms, loves this soup. The only dairy in this soup is the butter. Chefs Cream of Mushroom Soup – No Milk or Cream 2 pounds Fresh mushrooms (any type, a variety … Continue reading »

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Chefs Bean and Sausage soup

Soups and Stews are some of my favorite foods. I’ve been eating this soup since I was about 8 years old, maybe even before that. It’s a real stick to your ribs meal. This is one of those old country dishes that grandma made and then my mom made. But no recipe was ever written down, … Continue reading »

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Fall Feast

Toronto boasts no less than two China Towns. The contributions this large Asian community have made to the culinary identity of Canadian cuisine is obvious. You eat rice, don’t you? You drink tea, don’t you? Soya sauce is used in so many recipes that have no Asian roots, its now just considered a basic pantry … Continue reading »

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Fall Feast

Growing up in the States didn’t do my taste buds any favours. California was a bit of a culinary wasteland in the late 80s where Tex-Mex was considered the height of fusion cuisine.  But every now and again something that was close to authentic would make an appearance on the family dinner table, Enchiladas with red … Continue reading »

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Fall Feast

The boys don’t like Pumpkin Pie. I don’t understand. What says Fall Feast better than this pie? What fills the house with a more delightful aroma ? Well, maybe an apple pie, but still! For years I have made apple pie for Thanksgiving just to please both of them and my yen for a pumpkin pie … Continue reading »

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Fall Feast

I love Fall. Its always been my favourite time of year. The leaves change colour and the air gets crisp. But most importantly, the harvest comes in and the markets are flooded with local fresh produce. Kale, Chard, Beets and Carrots. Not to mention squash of every shape and colour. Most of the root vegetables … Continue reading »

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