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Author Archives: jennifer

Sourdough Bread

The following recipe calls for an active starter, and by active I mean vigorous. Mine has  habit of oozing out of her jar and across the counter.  Giving yourself enough time, you can sinc your bread making with an anxious starter  and have bread on the table before dinner. See the past post on Adventures … Continue reading »

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Adventures in Sourdough

I do not understand the bread phobic. Carb avoiders baffle me. The truly gluten intolerant I get, but the rest of you… Who amongst you can resist a freshly baked loaf? Well, not me. I love bread with a passion. The smell, taste, texture make me swoon. Making bread is my therapy, in the time it … Continue reading »

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Red Tin Recipe Box :Tomato Catsup

  Catsup, Ketchup. Tomato, Tamato. A condiment consisting of pureed tomatoes, onions, vinegar,sugar,spices, etc. The very thing no french fry can live without,  no hot dog or burger either. Why so we love it so? And when did we all stop making it ourselves? Have you read the ingredient list of the commercially prepared stuff? … Continue reading »

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Red Tin Recipe Box

Shortly after my Grandmothers’ passing, my Aunt sent me various and assorted ceramic nicknacks, old photo albums and a red tin recipe box. Part of my share of her estate. This small unassuming box, overflowing with paper and barely able to close was put away into a cupboard, and there it sat for over a … Continue reading »

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Chocolate Bacon Praline Shortbread Cookies

  For the cookie: 2 cups of all purpose flour 1 cup of softened butter (unsalted) 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/2 tsp of salt     For the Praline: 3/4 cup of granulated sugar 4 rashers of bacon pinch of salt   For the chocolate: 3 oz of dark chocolate chips, melted     Method: … Continue reading »

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Adventures in Sourdough Bread

I’m not sure why the art of bread making has been lost to home cooks. I understand it takes time ,and for the most part we have precious little of it these days. But if you break down a bread making recipe, most of the time it takes to make it , the maker is … Continue reading »

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Sausage and Mushroom stuffing

It’s wonderful when you have recipes in your repertoire that have been passed down through your family. I don’t have as many a Chef does, but the ones I do have are well loved by my entire extended family. My Grandmother told me this one came from my Mother. My Aunts and their families also … Continue reading »

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Chocolate Mousse

M O U S E :  A small rodent with a thin tail and whiskers, partial to cheese and scurrying. Famous relatives live and work at the Magic Kingdom USA. I remember, as a young girl, being taken to an ice cream shop. Feeling very grownup and ordering for myself a single scoop of chocolate … Continue reading »

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Chocolate Gingerbread Cake

When it comes to Christmas desserts; I think I’ve eaten all of them, or I’ve baked most of them. Even the ones I did not grow up with, the ones I married into or read about from different cultures. And as always the question arose: what do I make this year? This year is a … Continue reading »

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It is believed that the quince long preceded the apple, and that many ancient references to apples were in fact, references to quince, including the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Greek mythology associates the quince with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and many believe that the golden apple given to her by Paris … Continue reading »

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