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About Chef and Jenn/Home Page

Where there is wine there is food. This explains Chef and I perfectly. Never one without the other, and always getting into mischief .

It amazes me still how people stress about food and its preparation, throw wine matching in to the mix and this induces near stroke like conditions for some. I have been in the wine business for over thirteen years and have assisted both the general public and Chef’s alike with suitable selections of wine, beer and spirits. This is my area of expertise, my husband (affectionately known as Chef) is indeed a professional Chef. We chose to take on this project based solely on our love of the subject, and hopefully to address  some of the gaps the rest of the culinary community have not mentioned (breakfast being the prime example).

Follow us along on our adventures:

Some of our adventures border on the ridiculous, and others have left us awestruck. We invite you to join us while we explore the foods and cultures we ourselves are curious about.

Contact us at : or on Facebook : The world in our kitchen

Follow us on Twitter: @ChefandJenn