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Sourdough Bread

Posted by on May 26, 2014

The following recipe calls for an active starter, and by active I mean vigorous. Mine has  habit of oozing out of her jar and across the counter. 

Giving yourself enough time, you can sinc your bread making with an anxious starter  and have bread on the table before dinner. See the past post on Adventures with sourdough to get started.

Step one: feed the starter 1/2 Cup of whole meal flour, 1/2 Cup tepid water and one tablespoon of honey.

Combine all of the ingredients together until smooth. Tuck back into the warm spot in which you have housed your jar. In three to four hours your starter will be ready to use in the following recipe. Or sooner, depending on how warm it is.

The following will make a nice loaf or bread rolls. How large the roll is up to you. They do make fantastic burger buns, or dainty dinner rolls. Size matters so, your call.

1 1/2 C Starter

1C tepid water

2 1/2 C bread flour (or more)

1 tsp salt

( I’m sure you are wondering where the yeast in the recipe is, an active starter will not need yeast. But if this freaks you out too much, add a scant 1/2 tsp of dry active yeast to the starter and water. I won’t judge)


In a large bowl mix all of the ingredients together, don’t worry if the dough is not smooth. If all of the flour does not incorporate it’s okay. Cover the bowl with cling film and let it rest for 20 minutes, this step allows the flour to rehydrate into the dough. After the 20 minute rest, tip the dough out onto your floured kneading surface.  Knead for 5 minutes , sprinkling with flour if you need to. The dough will be slightly tacky. Place the dough right back into the bowl ( no need to wash it) let it rise covered with cling film for three hours ( yes, three… it’s not a typo) .

I keep mine in the oven with the light on, its just enough heat to facilitate the rise.

Three hours later you should have a nicely risen dough. Have you decided what you’re making? Loaf or rolls? For a loaf you could use a pan, which I would recommend. It’s a soft dough. For rolls I used muffin tins ( because I wanted cloverleafs)

No matter what you’re doing, it will need a second rise. So, back into the oven mine went to proof until it was doubled in size. I would like to give you a time frame for this but, I don’t know how warm your proof spot is or if you have used the dry active yeast (again, not judging)

Heat the oven up to 375*F or 190 Celsius and bake the bread for about 30-35 minutes ( rolls may take less time) the true test is to tap the bottom to see if it sounds hollow.

Place on a rack to cool completely .




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