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Red Tin Recipe Box

Posted by on September 18, 2013


Shortly after my Grandmothers’ passing, my Aunt sent me various and assorted ceramic nicknacks, old photo albums and a red tin recipe box. Part of my share of her estate. This small unassuming box, overflowing with paper and barely able to close was put away into a cupboard, and there it sat for over a year.
Yes, I knew it was there. Yes I ignored it. One day, I told myself, I will go through it. No, really, I’ll get to it. And still it sat behind the cupboard door for over a year ( okay, going on two)

Gran loved to cook, and enjoyed good food. When my Grandfather passed, I was given all of the Gourmet magazine they had collected. The joke was, it was my inheritance. All of those magazines from the decedent and over the top ’80’s, but I loved them, as he knew I would.
Now, at Grans passing I was given all of her recipes; knowing I would love them.

You know, it’s amazing what a little bit of house reno will force you to do…Long story short, furniture was moved and cuppords cleaned. And there was the red tin recipe box.

“What are we doing with this?” my Husband asked, “I’ll get to it” I said.

It’s now a week later, and I did have time to go through the box. I could not believe what I found. Recipes written in my Grandmothers’ hand. Some in pen, some in pencil and barely legible. Most of them obviously well used.

But what took me aback, were the recipes from my Paternal Great-Grandmother (Mme Stagg), and from Aunt Lottie, my Grandfather’s sister. As well as a recipe for Snickerdoodles written in my Mothers’ grade school hand. I was holding my family history, my family tree was in this box.

I had no idea of the treasure I possessed.

All of the women I would have loved to ask to recipe share had left me their favourites. I could not ask for a better inheritance.

It’s my intention to work through the recipes ( the ones I can read an any rate) and share. The weather is getting cooler, and canning season is in full swing. I have a tomato catsup to try, and a date nut loaf to bake. All from the ¬†Recipe Box.


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