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Weekend in the County

Posted by on October 28, 2012


If you have never been to Prince Edward County, I can tell you it is worth the trip. Just a couple of hours east of Toronto is a foodies Neverland. Filled with bakers of bread, makers of cheese, growers of organic vegetables and fermenters of grape; it is a place I could return to again and again.

This was the third year Chef and I have visited. The previous years have be solely to attend the Taste of the County : ( It’s the ultimate picnic)  But this year we went the weekend before Taste to explore on our own.

The idea was to go to as many wineries as we could , stop for any and all fruit /vegetable stands  we passed and of course follow the winding road to Black River Cheese.

Black River Cheese is a century old small co-operative , owned by local farmers. Using only local county milk and no preservatives they make some of the best cheese I have ever tasted. They use animal-free rennet, annatto seed to colour the cheese, locally sourced ingredients to flavour the cheese, and it is not mass produced . It’s truly and artisan product. Of course some of this had to come home with us.











The next stop was a vegetable stand. The local growers were  proudly displaying all of their goods.  The bonus was the resident rabbits.

From this farm we took home 3 quarts of habanero peppers, and a full bushel of canner tomatoes .

You can’t go to the County without stopping by Vickies’ Vegies. Vicki is a legend in the county. One of the first growers in the area to grow vegetables organically and sustainably . We always make a point of bringing home a few things from her little stand that is in the front of her farm. All transactions are on the honour system. Money is put into a small red box, after you have decided on which of the beautiful produce you can’t live without. For me, its usually the tomatoes and squash.



















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