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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro

      This weeks Sunday date with Chef and Jen found us going to “The Works Gourmet Burger and Bistro”. This is a casual, family friendly diner style restaurant. We found it to be nice and relaxing. We loved the classic rock playing. It was hotter then hell outside but, the patio was cool … Continue reading »

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The Best Jalapeno Cornbread,I promise.

How can you have Chili without cornbread? Um, you can’t. Jen and I found this recipe and played around with it. Added buttermilk, fresh jalapenos and less sugar. The fruity taste of the jalapeno really comes through. Not at all spicey, just fresh and fruity. Have this cornbread with my Authentic Mexican Chili and you … Continue reading »

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Cold Soups Don’t Sell??

  I wanted to put a cold soup on our summer menu one year. But, the Chef at the time told me, “Cold Soups DON’T Sell”. After much pressure from me, he let me to put it on the summer menu. We sold 20 litres a week of this soup. To bad it didn’t sell. … Continue reading »

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