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Monthly Archives: May 2011

If this bottle could talk

You have all been there. Staring down shelf after shelf of wines in the liquor store. Pacing back and forth, picking up a bottle to turn it over hoping to glean some information about its pedigree. Furtively looking over your shoulder hoping no one else notices you don’t know what your doing. Bravely trying to … Continue reading »

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“Cuba Diary, Chefs view-Day 2”

First full day in Cuba. Monday breakfast was real good. I had a big omelette made with, two fresh eggs(no liquid egg here),onion,red and green peppers,tomato,cheddar cheese and thin slices of ham. Fresh OJ and coffee. Very yummy. Mostly because of this hot sauce. Hot Sauce for my omelette. So,  we planned on going for the information briefing … Continue reading »

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Cuba Diary

Cuba Day 3 Up at what felt like the crack of dawn, and Chef suffering from too much everything. We managed to get ourselves together to go for breakfast: omelette for Chef and two eggs over easy for me. We had just enough time to buy a bottle of water and hit the loo before … Continue reading »

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Mothers Day

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Cuba Diary

Cuba Diary – day 2 We had slept well enough and were excited to start our first full day in Cuba, the past nights excitement was still fresh in our minds and Chef’s scrapes and cuts were a constant reminder. The main topic of discussion was how to spend our time before the 2PM info … Continue reading »

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“Cuba Diary, Chefs view”

Day 1 – Sunday April 10, 2011 : I’m excited and scared Saturday night before our flight to Cuba. Can’t sleep. This is a trip Jen and I have wanted to do together for years. But, I don’t like to fly. My brain is racing with so many thoughts, did we remember to pack everything? … Continue reading »

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